Destiel AU in which Dean flirts with Anna using cheesy pick-up lines and Castiel is jealous.

Spin the Bottle


Mini Prompt from anon: boys playing spin the bottle?


“It’s tradition.” Meg grinned as she gipped tightly to the empty beer bottle and eyed up Sam lustfully.

The party had begun to quiet to a slow roar as the morning hours climbed nearer. Only a few were left including: Meg, Sam, Dean, Castiel, Benny, Charlie, Ruby, and Jo. The eight of them were now huddled together in the living room of whoever’s house it was. At the mention of Spin the Bottle, Benny and Charlie cheered with eager smiles while Sam, Dean, and Castiel all paled. The group was always close throughout school, ‘friends till the end’ they dubbed themselves. Coming to the party as a group was a way to blow off steam after finals and just let loose. Now they stood there, all a bit buzzed except Jo (the designated driver), and slowly fell to their knees in a circle around the bottle Meg gently placed in the center.

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AN: Okay, so I saw this post and I just couldn’t help myself. It’s a Soulmate AU and I hope you guys like it! :)

The first bruise appeared on his shin when he was 16 years old. He was walking down the hall when a sudden pain had him crying out.

"You okay Dean?" His best friend Benny asked.


male celebrities for Emma Watson’s #heforshe


when the teacher comes around to collect your homework


I could just watch this all day long.


I could just watch this all day long.


they got mad


they got mad






“Rob’s really good with the babies. Every time they started crying, I would literally go, ‘Oh god, where’s its mom?’ I would be worried about the baby and he would literally go into the corner and just shake it to sleep.” -Kristen Stewart

they… they actually put all that fake blood on a REAL baby!?!??!

now wait,’s sad that i know this but i do. it wasn’t corn syrup and whatever or high grade chemical fake blood. that particular mix was cream cheese and rasberry jelly. so that if the baby put it’s hands in it’s mouth, it wouldn’t hurt itself.

how did such a cool guy make such a bad career choice

probably the only thing i’d reblog that has twilight involved

His face in the last shot.



Animation Opening Sequence for Glee.

Well.. this is kinda ‘creepy’ version of glee. I’ve wanted to make thing like this from time immemorial. I finally did it!;) And this is my first fanarts posting since I changed my tumblr account. Wow, I feel really awkward.

Hope you guys like it. Thank you! :) (I recommend you to watch on Vimeo)

(♬End Credits - <Coraline> Ost)

augh i will never not reblog this! especially during this time~!!! *U*


Yup… seems about right


Yup… seems about right